Because the Gospel is Unique and Compelling


Recently I came across something unique in that it is both socially compelling and Kingdom of God oriented.  I say unique because much of what passes for “Christian Social Endeavor” can often be categorized as awareness raising activities informed by a “get into heaven after death” theology.

If you do believe that the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ accomplished much more than just your personal salvation and spiritual growth, then you understand that the mission of every Christian is serving God by playing an active role in the redemption and renewal of all things, in everything that we do.

Fly Fishing Collaborative is a group of people using their passion for fly fishing to partner with God as he brings new life to our broken world. By partnering with professional fly fishing outfitters and guides around the world FFC is helping to combat the global child sex trade, a horrific industry that affects over 2 million children annually.

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Seasoned Heroics


I’m only 40, but I’m seriously looking forward to my retirement.

Now that’s not to say that I’m tired or that I don’t like my job, it’s just that I’ve been watching people reach retirement ages and I’ve discovered that many of them enter their next stage of life with the opportunity to deeply invest themselves into their passions.

For some it’s exercise.  The gym I go to is hopping with active seniors who take advantage of their newly flexible schedules to indulge in the life affirming joys that come from 45 minutes of nautilus exercises, a good steam bath, and then engaging in the time-honored ritual of nude locker-room conversation.

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Idolizing Accuracy


For the last week I’ve been hearing just how terrible the movie “Noah” is.

The common thread amongst the conversations, Facebook posts, and bloggy tweetings I’ve encountered is that Noah is a bad movie because it’s such a massive departure from the Bible story we have so much reverence for.

“Noah was more of a villain than a hero.”

“I’m sick of environmentalist propaganda.”

“There were no transformers in the Bible.”

“Noah made the animals smoke weed.”

This doesn’t surprise me, because I’m used to hearing Christians describe art based solely on content.  See I grew up in the Church, work as a pastor, and have spent much of my life around Christian depictions of Biblical stories.

In the process I’ve learned that content is really the only thing we care about.

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