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For God’s Sake… Leave A Tip!


Christians, like other subcultures, can be lousy tippers.

This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has ever provided table service on a Sunday afternoon, but for some reason it’s usually a shock to churchgoers.

This week an American pastor made news for protesting the fact that he was charged a mandatory 18% gratuity (his party was larger than the mandatory gratuity of 8 people) and decided to leave a piece of his mind on the receipt:

“I Give God 10% Why do you get 18?”

Unfortunately the piece of his mind that he left on the receipt was smaller than the amount that he left at home when he headed out to the restaurant.


The Most Racist Lego Ever


The Lego Group came under fire this week for promoting a building set that has been described as racist.

This is serious people.

The offending set is based on the palace of Jabba the Hutt, as depicted in 1983’s Science Fiction Film “The Return of the Jedi”. What’s interesting to me is the fact that while Lego is merely portraying something that has been widely viewed for nearly 30 years, no one has ever complained about the film version of Jabba and his house.

As someone with an extremely long and involved history of enjoying the Lego brand, I feel that I can safely say that not only is the new Jabba’s Palace Playset not racist, it isn’t even the most offensive set that Lego has ever produced.

Late last year Lego made waves during the Christmas season for offending critics with their new “Friends” line of toys. In this situation, critics were angered that Lego would offer toys that were so clearly stereotyped towards a specific gender.

The wanted to know how Lego could dare to insinuate that young girls might be interested in things like hair salons, horseback camps, candy shops, and recording studios.

Lego FriendsNone of these allegations rattled true lego fans because no one who’s seriously enjoyed Lego bricks for any period of time sees either of these “controversies” as even existing in the same universe as the company’s racially insensitive offering of 1977:


Too Good To Be True


BESTPIX Barack Obama Sworn In As U.S. President For A Second Term

Photo: ABCNews

Apparently the biggest news story coming out of the presidential inauguration this week is that the people of America are shocked to learn that Beyonce’s performance of the National Anthem was “probably” lip-synced.

As someone who listened by radio broadcast, I should probably admit that it never crossed my mind that the performance could possibly have been live; it sounded too good to be true.

The nuance with which each note was perfectly delivered is almost impossible to achieve while singing The Star Spangled Banner… especially in near freezing temperatures.

I’m afraid that I have more bad news for the incredibly trusting and overly offended among us: not only was Beyonce’s version lip synced, but it was probably never intended to be performed live.


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