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Valentine’s Viewing

Kevin James

It can be tricky to find a movie to watch with your significant other on Valentine’s day.  To be honest, this is the night of the year where men usually “take one for the team” at the local cineplex.

To be fair, women usually take it on the chin for the other 364  available viewing days.


Acknowledging, Admitting, Acting


This weekend, during a televised interview with Anderson Cooper,  John Mayer will admit to being a jerk.

It won’t exactly be a startling revelation.

It seems that Mr. Mayer, who boasts an extensive and well-documented public record of insufferability, crude offensiveness, and wild oat-sowing might be the last person with a television to understand that a decade of behavior befitting a member of the Sheen family is incredibly hard to overlook.

That said, it’s important to realize that admitting you have a problem is always the first step.

“The first step towards what?” is the real question though isn’t it?


Something Greater


Sports Illustrated

I’ve rarely rooted for the team that ends up winning the Super Bowl.

As a kid I would usually pick the team I would cheer for based on just about anything other than what had happened on the field all year.


All of these were more important than player personnel and even regular season records.

This I the main reason why I’ve never rooted for the 49ers in a Super Bowl.  For their first Super Bowl victories I held out against them for childish reasons.

I liked the Bengals helmets more than the Niners’ drab costuming.

There was a guy named Super-Duper who played for the Dolphins,

I preferred Ickey Woods’ dancing to Jerry Rice’s.

By the early 1990’s I had begun playing organized football; I was able to understand the nuance of the game in ways that helped me appreciate the 49ers gameplay.

This only meant that I was able to understand why they thoroughly dismantled my favorite teams.

I appreciated them, but I couldn’t like them.


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