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Segregated Hearts and Minds

integrated prom

(ABC News)

Wilcox County High School in Georgia has two Proms and two Homecoming Celebrations each year.  There is one Prom and one Homecoming for students who are white, and one Prom and one Homecoming for students who are black.

If you are wondering how this is still happening in the year 2013, it helps to understand that the school doesn’t pay for these extracurricular activities.  The events are planned, promoted, and hosted by the parent-led “student groups” of teens who attend the school.

“The district hasn’t paid for a prom in 30 years, leaving the planning up to student groups that are free to organize them as they wish, Wilcox County Schools Superintendent Steve Smith told ABC News.”

In the past, black families sponsored the “Black Prom”, and white families sponsored the “White Prom”.  The kids have then historically done what they were “supposed to do”.

This year some kids are saying “enough”.


Intimidating Results

Rice Loses it

I once worked for a boss who consistently asked the question, “Would you rather be loved or respected by your subordinates?”,  of course the majority of the employees responded that they’d rather be loved.

The boss’ response to his question was that being “loved” meant that people would walk all over you, but being “respected” meant that they would produce results for you.

The next time we were asked this one of my fellow employees suggested to the boss that he might be confusing the word “love” with “approval” and the word “respect” with “intimidation”.

You can probably guess how much longer he continued to work for the organization.


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