Archive - August, 2013

Paying Over Time


So I downloaded Candy Crush Saga for my mobile device last week. It’s a pretty fun game, easy to play, and it doesn’t take up too much time…

…Because it will make you wait if you want to keep playing.

The game progresses as you accomplish objectives: “Clear out the jelly squares”, “Get the cherries to the bottom of the screen”, and so on.

Candy Crush Saga will let you fail 5 times before it makes you wait at least 20 minutes for another turn… Unless you want to pay 99 cents.

If you don’t have a problem waiting 20 minutes, Candy Crush is free… Until you pass level 34.


Only Pretending To Drive



It used to be that you could talk on the phone while you drove around in your car; in fact it used to be the sign that you were awesome.

Before cellular phones became affordable, driving around and talking on the phone was not just the sign that you were an important person but that you also had money to burn.

After wireless carriers began offering affordable plans it seemed like everyone began capitalizing on the opportunity to multitask for greater productivity, especially in really important areas; like having the “relationship defining conversation” as you drove out to Vegas so you knew how much fun you could have when you got there.


Our Bird Family

I came home from a week away to discover that a pair of barn swallows had built a nest over the front door of my house.

Now when I say “discovered” what I clearly mean is “dive-bombed by birds intent on removing my face”.

Because my wife and I host a lot of people in our home I knew that I couldn’t allow the bird nest couldn’t remain there, but I also couldn’t risk destroying the beauty and fragility of a working bird family… especially not with my reputation in the bird community…