Archive - February, 2014

A Jihad For A Jihad


There are many places in the developing world where religious groups come to power and begin the fanatical murder and systematic oppression of the unfaithful.

It’s common enough that widespread coverage of religious violence has brought the words “Jihad” and “Infidel” into our common American vocabulary.

Infidel is a latin word meaning “faithless”.

Jihad is an Arabic word that means “Holy War”.

When used in conjunction the two words conjure images of bearded men wielding swords and rifles, seemingly bent on establishing self-rule under Islamic law.

These two words have also become common place on Christian radio.  Just a cursory review of your local station will reveal many teachers claiming to expose “the truth” about Islam, and sermons from regional preachers quick to use Muslims to grind their ideological axes against.

This week I listened to a Christian radio station for 20 minutes and heard the words “Jew”, “Arab”, “Muslim”, “Jihad”, “end times”, “Jerusalem”, “beheading” and “Allah”, but never heard “Jesus”.

This isn’t a post about “the Muslims”; we already have enough of that.