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Those Muslim Cabbies

This isn’t a blog post about what’s wrong with Islam.

In fact, most people would be shocked to learn that as a white, middle-class American Pastor I’m actually an Islamic sympathizer.

That’s not to say that I place any stock in the Islamic faith, it’s just to say that I’ve travelled too much of the Islamic world to be swayed by the rhetorical punches that are aimed at “a religion” but land squarely on the noses of human beings.

I have Muslim friends and despite our cultural and religious differences I am generously received by them.

This is a blog post about what’s wrong with the human heart.

This week an American rental car company fired 25 Muslim drivers for not “clocking out” while they observed their daily prayers.  The drivers, Muslims from war torn nations in East Africa, came to Washington looking for a better life.  They found it shuttling cars around the SeaTac airport.

Devout Muslims pray 5 times per day.  It’s common in the Muslim world to watch the activity of an entire town grind to a halt as the call to prayer sounds. The people dutifully face towards Mecca, bow to the earth, and spend 5-7 minutes in prayer.

It’s nearly impossible to find an American who can sit still for more than 5 minutes.


Light The Streets

As the Aids crisis spotlight gives way to the health care crisis limelight, I suspect that we’re only a few years away from African advocacy being out of vogue among American churches. This is why you should check out the ministry of Africa New Life.  They were interested in Africans as humans before it was hip, and they’re in it for the long haul.

More than just child sponsorship that features nutrition and education, Africa New Life Ministries is dedicated to building sustainable human infrastructure by educating and training women to join Rwanda’s aspirations of a continent leading quality of life.  Focused around the person Jesus Christ and the complete redemption of the human condition, Africa New Life Ministries also works with street children, moving them from city slums to facilities focused on introducing them to the life that Christ intended for them.

If you aren’t aware of Africa New Life and how they’re Kingdom building to turn “Not Yet” into “Already”, you should check out the video below. You won’t cry because you’re sad, you’ll cry because of how beautiful Faith, Hope, and Love are.

Click here to check out

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