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Hunting For Truth

Duck Hunt

The Nintendo Entertainment System was ridiculously easy to attach to your home television. One plug went it into the wall and two plugs went into your TV. It was so simple you could be playing it within 6 minutes of unwrapping it.

If you grew up playing your video games on the original Nintendo Entertainment System you know that the day your NES arrived it most likely arrived with two games, Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt.

While Super Mario Brothers and Duck hunt were unquestionably awesome, neither one of them allowed two players to play at the same time.

Each game made players wait for their own turn.

This means that unless you were an only child, the NES arrived at your home about 7 minutes before the first family argument broke out; because people wanted to play Nintendo, they didn’t want to watch it.


Buying the Meatballs


Before I got married I had two pieces of furniture: a rollaway bed and a dresser.  After I got married my wife decided that we needed furnishings.  I agreed with her, mostly because we could’ve played racquetball in our apartment.

The only problem with my wife’s idea is that we were poor, youth pastor of 20 kids poor.

My wife’s plan to overcome this was to drive three hours north of Portland to what was then the only Ikea store in the Northwest.  Since I had never been to an Ikea, this sounded like a great idea.

We borrowed a van and left the house at 6 AM.

We got home at 10 PM.

We were out of the house for 16 hours.

If you do the math you become painfully aware that that day I spent 10 hours wandering through carefully staged, scenario presentations of products named Lack and Gronkulla.

While we did manage to outfit our tiny home for less than $400, I have to admit that we played right into the cleverly designed post-American master planning of our Scandinavian lifestyle consultants…

We bought the meatballs.


Making It Last



There are a few things that you can count on when flying certain airlines. For instance, flying Alaska means that you’ll get a card featuring Old Testament scripture with your meal, flying United means that you probably won’t be flying direct, and flying Southwest means that someone is going to try to make the in-flight announcements “entertaining”.

My favorite thing about flying Delta?

A little caramel biscuit called “Biscoff”.

During the inflight service you get one packet containing two biscuits, or as I call it, a little trip to paradise.  The Biscoff is so delicious that they don’t just give them out indiscriminately,  you’ve got to make those babies last an entire flight.

What I’ve learned is that if you bring some mini-Snickers you can usually bribe the kids sitting around you into a trade.

Recently I wandered into my friend Matt’s office and discovered that he had AN ENTIRE BOX of Biscoff biscuits.

My first thought was to take the biscuits and run.


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