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Mace Me Bro!

While you have to be impressed by the sheer audacity of a mother who goes on Good Morning America to protest the pepper spraying of her son during his enraged assault on teachers, students, and an innocent television set, you should be even more impressed by the sheer cheek of her 8 year old son who, while wielding a cardboard shield and a wooden knife, tells the cops to, “Come get me F^*#ers!

As impressive as this level of insanity is, we should be even more impressed by the actual nerve of the police officer who let the kid have it with the business end of an 8 oz. bottle of liquified peppers… twice. Sure the kid wasn’t really a danger to the police officer, but he was IN DANGER of not learning a very important lesson and that lesson is this: “You don’t screw around with people who put their lives on the line to protect human beings.” Whether it’s a cop, a fireman, or a soldier, you don’t get in the way of someone whose job is the care and protection of people, even if that person is you.

None of us live in a vacuum, and while our Constitution gives us a right to speak and live freely, it doesn’t actually protect us from the consequences of our freely issued words and actions.

Sometimes you call a cop out, and he calls your bluff in a way that makes you cry, foam at the mouth and wet yourself in front of the other kids… whom you’ve forced into a closet.

How It’s Supposed To Be

Growing up, my brother and I couldn’t have been more different.  He was older than me by three years but it looked like 15.  He was born with armpit hair, began shaving in kindergarten, and looked like Tom Selleck by Jr. High.

I, on the other hand, had more delicate features.  You might call them… feminine.  Our sister was 2 years younger than me and I was constantly being asked if we were twins.  It didn’t help that my mom had given me that haircut that made boys look like Dorothy Hamill and girls look like Pete Rose.

Rage Against Machines

We created the machines because we were tired of working so hard.

The Goal: machines do work for us.
The Benefit: more leisure, increased productivity/efficiency.

It probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but it’s lead to some unforeseen consequences.  The first seems to be what I call “robot paranoia”.

Whenever I watch a futuristic sci-fi movie there seems to be a common theme about machines taking over and wiping out humanity.  I think that this is really a terrible concept, not because it’s far fetched, but because it’s too late.

The robots are already in charge.

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