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Idolizing Accuracy


For the last week I’ve been hearing just how terrible the movie “Noah” is.

The common thread amongst the conversations, Facebook posts, and bloggy tweetings I’ve encountered is that Noah is a bad movie because it’s such a massive departure from the Bible story we have so much reverence for.

“Noah was more of a villain than a hero.”

“I’m sick of environmentalist propaganda.”

“There were no transformers in the Bible.”

“Noah made the animals smoke weed.”

This doesn’t surprise me, because I’m used to hearing Christians describe art based solely on content.  See I grew up in the Church, work as a pastor, and have spent much of my life around Christian depictions of Biblical stories.

In the process I’ve learned that content is really the only thing we care about.


Idolizing Yourself


Matthew McConaughey possesses the rare blend of enviable beauty, charm, and confidence that makes a person undeniably fascinating.

As an actor he can either stun you with his ability to dive deeply into a character, or irritate you by kicking back and letting his abs do the work.

Either way, you can’t take your eyes off of him.

This past week the Oscar Winning actor came under scrutiny for comments he made about being his own hero during his acceptance speech.


The Artificial Sweetening

When I go see the Hobbit this weekend I won’t be having a Diet Coke.  It has nothing to do with whether or not Diet Coke is a good product, because I suspect that it is.

I just don’t like Diet Coke.

Diet Coke doesn’t taste very good to me and let me explain why: It doesn’t actually taste like the real Coca-Cola, which I love.

Diet Coke is a substitue for caffeine addicts who feel the need to watch their waistline while battling their own personal energy deficiency.

I know that this opinion doesn’t describe every diet soda drinker because I’ve talked to people who’ve never had a regular Coke before.  I have quite a few friends who started with Diet Coke and they don’t actually enjoy the original version’s ultra-sweet combination of caramel coloring and high fructose corn syrup.

To these folks, having a regular Coke throws their entire palate off-kilter.  In fact, many of them actually enjoy the strange aftertaste that artificial sweeteners bring to the table.

Having never experienced the original, they’ve developed a preference for the not so “Real Thing.”


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