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The Oatmeal Raisin Connundrum

Anybody who’s ever flown from New York to Los Angeles has experienced what I like to call “Mealtime Dysmorphia”, this is a scientific term that I just made up to describe the strange scenario you find yourself in when your internal body clock (the clock God gave you) is between 3 to 5 hours ahead of the clocks we make up on our own.

For instance, after traveling east to west across 3 or more time zones, You wake up for breakfast, only to find that your body is craving lunch.

The problem is that no restuarant in the world begins serving lunch items until after 10:30 AM (I suspect that they all learned this from McDonalds).

For some reason our societal structure has determined that eating dinner food for breakfast is completely unacceptable in the way that eating breakfast food for dinner is deviously enticing; having waffles for dinner makes you a hero of whimsy, but go ahead and serve lasagna at 7 AM and see what kind of a social outcast you become.

So you begin wondering what food is available that qualifies as “breakfasty” enough to be served, yet “lunchy” enough to satisfy your ever expanding appetite for significant sustenance?

If you’re lucky it’s a Sunday and there’s somebody serving a brunch, but those don’t usually start till 10:30, and this means waiting until your body thinks it’s 1:30 before you get a shot at a slice ham at best.

I’ve found that your best bet in these scenarios (don’t even think about convenience store hot dogs) is to completely cast logic aside and begin eating cookies.

Think about it.


The 5 People You Meet At The Resort Pool


Have you ever walked around a theme park and recognized somebody from earlier in the day?  Like maybe you were headed to dinner on an old-tyme steamboat and accidentally locked eyes with a person that had been 27 people ahead of you in line for a rocket-ship, before lunch?

Isn’t it a strange feeling to recognize and find familiarity with someone you don’t really know?  Recently I came to understand this feeling in a unique and interesting, if not completely insignificant, way.

Having spent some time vacationing, I can assure you that there are 5 people who you will meet at any resort swimming pool.  Not only do you recognize these 5 people immediately, but you can probably guess what they’re up to without even speaking to them.


A Bankrupt Idea

If you’ve spent even 5 minutes on Facebook you’ve seen an ad for “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, a book written by financial Guru Robert Kiyosaki.  In the book Kiyosaki claims to dish on all the secrets Rich Dads tell their kids that Poor Dads don’t.

The premise is that Rich Dads educate their kids about how money is made and multiplied, and that Poor Dads don’t.  If a person were to take the advice of a Rich Dad, then they would have the information needed to have a life that is more financially successful, and a financially successful life is more rewarding and pleasurable than a poor one.

Critics of Kiyosaki’s books and public speaking sessions assert that “Rich Dad advice” sounds a lot like marketing ploys, real estate schemes, and insider trading.

Kiyosaki’s claims are very similar to the classic enlightenment assertion that inside information and secret knowledge will carry you to success; in short, “Education is everything.”

While I won’t throw a wet blanket on a quality education in the three R’s, I do believe that espousing education as a remedy for our social and moral ills is an oversimplification of the human condition.

We aren’t just ignorant… we are also selfish and lazy.


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