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Uh Oh…

If you believe published reports, our nation is once again reeling from another assault on racial harmony.

It seems that elementary school children in North Carolina were sent home with a flyer that informed them that they should come to school on February 28th dressed in “African American Attire”.

Sometimes you read something that is so insensitive that you have to stop and re-read it to make sure you really are seeing what you are seeing.

Here is the copy of the actual flyer for your perusal:

“Parents, during the month of February, Western Union students have been studying Black History. On Tuesday, February 28, WUES will participate in a Black History Day. We will have speakers from 8-10am. We are encouraging students to dress in ‘African American attire.’ If you do not have this, students could wear animal print clothing or shirts with animals native to Africa (zebras, giraffes, lions, elephants, etc.) Thank you!”

You can go ahead and re-read it if you need to.


In Your Mind’s Eye


If you aren’t aware, the “The Hunger Games” comes to theaters this week. It’s a movie opening that will forever change the way that people feel about a book that they dearly love.

For the uninitiated, The Hunger Games is a young readers novel written by Suzanne Collins and published in 2008. It introduces sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen, who lives in a post-apocalyptic dystopia where the countries of the United States and Canada once existed. A highly advanced city, made up of privileged “1 percenters” dominates the rest of the nation. “The Hunger Games” are an annual televised event in which one teenaged male and female from each of the “12 districts” compete in a battle royale… in which only one person can survive.

Young people around the world love the book, and it has found a devoted following from readers who tend to be a little less whimsical than Harry Potter fans and a whole lot more sensible than fans of the Twilight series.


Don’t Judge Me

American Idol

This week Jermaine Jones was dismissed from American Idol. The “Gentle Giant’s” dismissal from the show came after it was revealed that he has at least 5 outstanding arrest warrants.

While it isn’t the worst scandal in the history of American Idol, it is certainly one of the most interesting to come along since we said goodbye to those felonius Brittenum twins in 2006.

This week, Jermaine Jones leaves Fox’s hit show and heads home to New Jersey- where he will finally appear in court to answer for a string of crimes allegedly committed over the past 6 years.


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