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Those Who Won’t…

Whoever came up with the phrase, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach” was clearly on to something.

In the affirmative sense the phrase indicates that as we get older, we lose the strength needed to accomplish, so we move into the realm of teaching, encouraging the younger and more able-bodied to use their strength to accomplish.

In the pejorative, or “insultive”, sense the adage also aptly defines certain able bodied people who have no interest in “doing”- because they prefer talking.

As a known talker, with a great propensity for inactivity, I’d like to propose adding a third “Those Who” to the mix.

If you were paying attention to an internet device yesterday you probably saw, or read, about a viral video produced by the non-profit advocacy group “Invisible Children”.

The video was intended to launch a campaign to instigate global awareness about an African dictator, who abuses children, and appeal for his removal through foreign intervention.

Yesterday they got a lot of views.

A lot of people heard their message.

Now people are responding.

Today, people know about the civil war in Uganda and the tragedy of child soldiers and sexual abuse that has taken place there. They also know the names of Joseph Kony and his LRA.

Today we also get the opportunity to watch the backlash against the non profit behind the awareness campaign.


Practice? We’re Talking About Practice?

Photo: Brian Spurlock

Human beings have a lot of choice about how we are going to live.  Here in America people are guaranteed certain freedoms, and those freedoms when acted upon, largely determine the kind of life that a person will live.

You and I each have the freedom to do what we want, when we want to do it.  While we understand that how we choose to employ this personal liberty will play a role in what happens to us, we often forget that how we act upon our freedoms also plays a role in how others get to live their lives as well.

In short, we don’t get to pick what happens to us, we only get to pick our response to what happens to us.

Peyton Manning wanted to spend his entire professional career as the Quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts and he exercised his personal freedoms and responsibilities to that end.  In doing so he started 200 games for the team, amassing over 50,000 yards passing, a world championship and 4 League Most Valuable Player awards.

Today, Colt’s owner Jim Irsay fired Peyton Manning.

He didn’t want to, he had to.


Saying Goodbye To Yesterday

Dan Powers

There’s been so much talk about “what might happen” with Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning that a lot of people didn’t realize that what they feared for Peyton was actually happening to Hines Ward.

Yesterday Hines Ward, the Pittsburgh Steeler’s all-time leading receiver got fired.

It wasn’t because the Steelers don’t like him, in fact people everywhere (Baltimore & Cincinnati excluded) seem to love Hines Ward.

Even on Dancing with the Stars.

While Ward isn’t necessarily the most graceful dancer, he has been an incredibly productive athlete.

Born in Korea to an African American Father and a Korean mother, the chances of becoming a Hall of Fame football player probably seemed slim for a child who never fit in anywhere, even after emigrating to the United States.


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