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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Christmas day is almost here and for many people this means celebrating the birth of Jesus with friends and family.

For some, this will be a joyful chance to catch up on what’s been happening on those branches of the family tree that stretch in a different direction than yours.

For others it will be mealtimes of awkward weirdness rivaling a merger of the Munster and Dynamite families!

Holiday gatherings with relatives of varying age and stage can be the kind of experiences that blend petty annoyances with hereditary grievance to create a fine tapestry of conflict avoidance… embellished with flourishes of passive aggression.

Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Others of you don’t have a clue.

For those of you who experience a lovely Christmas celebration every year, and are wondering what kind of scenario I’m describing, I’ve lovingly compiled a helpful list of 10 things you can do to make this holiday season a little more embarrasing for the people you love!

1.) Sing along with “Feliz Navidad”.
It’s a little known, and completely unsubstantiated, fact that no living caucasian knows, and can correctly pronounce, all of the words to this song.

This is proven every year when, upon first hearing of the song, every white person present attempts a hearty sing-along.

While surprisingly strong out of the gate, an “all-honky chorale” fades faster than a pair of Kirkland Signature jeans.


What Our Response Reveals…

Regardless of where I’ve travelled in the world, I’ve found people to be self-centered and opinionated.  I find this is especially true whenever I look in the mirror.

Because of this selfishness our opinions generally begin in a place that considers our own viewpoint first and most important.

The more mature we are the more often our opinions become informed by perspectives outside our own frame of reference.

It’s quite rare that a self-centered opinion isn’t offensive, often because human beings like to be taken into consideration when opinions are being formed and expressed… even if they don’t often take others into consideration themselves.

All of this self-focus places us into circumstances where personal opinions compete for the attention of an audience of people; sometimes in just a room full of people, other times in front of an entire nation.

Because no one can perfectly share our perspective, or our self-regard, going through life without getting offended is impossible.  As Christians, our job is to have a godly response in those moments when someone says, or does, something that we don’t like or agree with.

This weekend the cast of Saturday Night live expressed their opinions about “Tebowmania” in a sketch that featured Jesus Christ making a post-game appearance to the Broncos in their locker room.  While taking credit for the Bronco victory and inferring that Bill Belicheck was the devil, Jesus took some time out to tell Tebow to “tone it down” and add “studying the playbook” to “studying the good book”.

There were plenty of funny moments.


Tebow Time

This weekend the legend of Tim Tebow will explode.

Depending on the final score of this weekend’s marquee matchup with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, it will either continue to swallow up small planets, or shatter into a million pieces.

If it feels like Tebow-Mania can’t possibly get any bigger, imagine what will happen if his Broncos defeat Bill Belichick’s evil empire?

Now imagine what it would be like if he threw for 300 yards and 3 touchdowns in the process.

And that’s only what might happen ON the field.

On the field this season Tebow, a remarkably good athlete and competitor, has taken over as the Broncos starting Quarterback and led his team to more unbelievable come-from-behind successes than MacGyver- despite being the worst football player on the field for the overwhelming majority of the game.

Because the victories haven’t come as the result of remarkable overall play or even a demonstration of mastery over the most basic skills (like taking the ball from the center) the speculation of what makes him successful has become almost ridiculous.

His success has been labelled “magical”, “miraculous”, “unprecedented”, and “mystical”.

As his legend grows the experts, as well as the casual fans, have been left consistently wondering the same thing; “How does he do it?”, “How does he win all those games.” The answer is surprisingly easy.



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