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The People You Meet After A Guest Sermon

When you’re a young pastor you imagine giving the kind of sermons that will really produce a change in people’s lives.

This is hard because no one in your home church will let you get up and preach when you’re just starting out, they usually farm you out to other churches and camp-outs to get “experience” before they put you in front of people that you will have to see again the next week.

When you first get these opportunities you immediately begin preparing like this is the most important thing that you will ever do and the only time that you will ever get to do it.

The whole time you’re preparing the sermon you’re writing with the end in mind… and by end I mean: “People coming up afterwards to tell you how awesome the sermon was.”


So Many Terrorists


Over the past 30 years the process of globalization has revealed a tremendous amount of information to us about the people of our world.

Quite simply, globalization is the concept that the nations and people groups of our world are now interconnected by financial and communication networks to such a point that events happening in one region have effects that cause international repercussions.

The last 20 years of our civilization have been marked by violent collisions between the organizational super-societies of the western hemisphere and the ethno-religious zealotry of the eastern hemisphere.

If these collisions seem to be happening more frequently and more violently, imagine what it feels like to live in the eastern hemisphere- a place constantly on the verge of turbulent conflict.

As the global desires of western countries continue to demand financial interactions with eastern regions, the return on these investments is secured my military personnel and private security contractors.

When the blood, sweat, and tears were being spilled by professionals on foreign soil this interaction was seen as an “acceptable risk” by most Americans, but globalization now means that this conflict comes home to meet us in fits and starts.

Which brings us to this week’s most recent bout of “fits”.

In our western mental paradigm two individuals decided to protest something by blowing up people who had no apparent connection to whatever grievances they might or might not have.

Our confusion surrounding the issue is apparent in the news coverage and speculative conversation taking place in public gathering places.


The Cost Of Having It Your Way


We all enjoy having choices, because of this many successful businesses will allow consumers to have some say over process and product. ¬†This isn’t something that is easy for a company to do, but they’re willing to do it because they know that it produces results:

Burger King offers The Whopper their way because they believe that this is the way that it tastes best.  They are also willing to take the additional time and effort to make it your way because they want you to not only purchase their burger, but also return to purchase more burgers over time.

They’re willing to set some preferences aside in order to develop a long-term relationship with you.


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