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Leadership For The Disoriented

As a young man I was terribly lost.

It had nothing to with the fact that I looked like an extra wandering behind David and Donna at The Peach Pit, It was mostly due to an attempt to grow up without much meaningful leadership in my life.

This isn’t to say that there weren’t appointed leaders in my life, it’s to say that those leaders weren’t capable of leading me, and I was about as interested in direction as Tracy Morgan.

My lack of direction was mostly due to terrible judgment: poor choices born of willfulness. Leaders who seemed mostly interested in controlling my behavior in turn exacerbated that willfulness by punishing the negative results of my judgment.

There was a lot of negative friction.

My life began to change when I came into contact with leaders (Christ at the forefront) who through grace chose to become responsible for me, and the growth of my character.

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