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Seasoned Heroics


I’m only 40, but I’m seriously looking forward to my retirement.

Now that’s not to say that I’m tired or that I don’t like my job, it’s just that I’ve been watching people reach retirement ages and I’ve discovered that many of them enter their next stage of life with the opportunity to deeply invest themselves into their passions.

For some it’s exercise.  The gym I go to is hopping with active seniors who take advantage of their newly flexible schedules to indulge in the life affirming joys that come from 45 minutes of nautilus exercises, a good steam bath, and then engaging in the time-honored ritual of nude locker-room conversation.


What We Want To Beliebe

bieber mug

While migrating geese can’t speak to one another, they can communicate well enough to get the flock south for spring break.  This is often a source of wonderment to humans because we tend to think that non-verbal communication is quite difficult.

When you take some time to consider the issue though it becomes apparent that, non-verbal communication isn’t all that difficult, verbal communication is just very easy.

In fact, talking is so easy that it’s a wonder that humans miscommunicate at all.

But we do don’t we?

It happens a lot doesn’t it?


Where The Wrecking Ball Lands

Picture 2

A lot can happen in 10 years can’t it?

It doesn’t seem that long ago that everybody was excited to see what would become of little Destiny Hope Cyrus.

Tish and Billy Ray’s little girl was such a joyful prodigy that she eventually adopted the family nickname “sMiley” as her stage name. The exuberance that shone through in her precocious singing and dancing brought her to the attention of friendly agents and starmakers.

At 11 she auditioned for what would eventually become Disney’s “Hannah Montana”, a television series about a school girl with a secret life as a pop star. While everybody imagined that she would use her talents to entertain for a time, very few were banking on her becoming a worldwide celebrity.

If it’s hard to get famous, it’s even harder to stay famous.


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