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Keeping The Loot



This month A French Climber found a metal box filled with precious Gems as he scaled Mont Blanc.  As improbable as the story sounds to us, finding buried articles in the French Alps is not uncommon.

Mont Blanc rises from the earth under the well-travelled airspace between France and India, and there were several plane crashes in the region during the early years of commercial air travel.

Due to the extreme cold, climbers routinely come across the curiously well-preserved wreckage and bodies from these disasters.

It’s a hazard of the sport.

There in the wild, alone and at altitude, the climber came across what is now estimated to be $332,000 dollars worth of stones and jewelry… some of it marked “Made in India”.


The “S” Word


There are two things that can happen when you use a bad word in front of a child.  The first is the worst: the child hears this new word, and then goes around using it as much as they can, especially in the checkout line of the grocery store…

or when grandparents come over to visit.

The second thing that can happen is that the child recognizes that you’ve used the word and they decide to tell on you.  Unfortunately this doesn’t usually happen right when you say it.  The kid usually brings it up about 4 days later, when you’ve forgotten that you said it.

Last Christmas I used the “s-word” in front of my niece.

She’s almost 4.


Acting Your Age


Guess which celebrity is older:

Jennifer Lopez or Zach Galfianakis?

George Clooney or Eddie Murphy?

Helena Bonham Carter or Salma Hayek?

Chris Rock or Charlie Sheen?

Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus?

Taylor Swift or Adele?


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