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Segregated Hearts and Minds

integrated prom

(ABC News)

Wilcox County High School in Georgia has two Proms and two Homecoming Celebrations each year.  There is one Prom and one Homecoming for students who are white, and one Prom and one Homecoming for students who are black.

If you are wondering how this is still happening in the year 2013, it helps to understand that the school doesn’t pay for these extracurricular activities.  The events are planned, promoted, and hosted by the parent-led “student groups” of teens who attend the school.

“The district hasn’t paid for a prom in 30 years, leaving the planning up to student groups that are free to organize them as they wish, Wilcox County Schools Superintendent Steve Smith told ABC News.”

In the past, black families sponsored the “Black Prom”, and white families sponsored the “White Prom”.  The kids have then historically done what they were “supposed to do”.

This year some kids are saying “enough”.


Finding Your Wife

Fred Meyer is a pretty amazing store.  They claim to have everything that appears on your shopping list, and they most often do.  If I’m short on time and I need to visit a Grocer, Banker, Jeweler, Gardener, and Clothier, Fred Meyer has my back… while also maintaining a fairly well stocked home electronic section.
While Fred Meyer may not always provide the highest quality product available, you certainly can walk out their doors with a reasonably priced sandwich and a handgun.
If you ever see me wandering through Fred Meyer, I can guarantee that it’s not because they don’t have what I’m looking for, it’s that I can’t find what I’m looking for.
What I’m usually looking for is my wife.

The Artificial Sweetening

When I go see the Hobbit this weekend I won’t be having a Diet Coke.  It has nothing to do with whether or not Diet Coke is a good product, because I suspect that it is.

I just don’t like Diet Coke.

Diet Coke doesn’t taste very good to me and let me explain why: It doesn’t actually taste like the real Coca-Cola, which I love.

Diet Coke is a substitue for caffeine addicts who feel the need to watch their waistline while battling their own personal energy deficiency.

I know that this opinion doesn’t describe every diet soda drinker because I’ve talked to people who’ve never had a regular Coke before.  I have quite a few friends who started with Diet Coke and they don’t actually enjoy the original version’s ultra-sweet combination of caramel coloring and high fructose corn syrup.

To these folks, having a regular Coke throws their entire palate off-kilter.  In fact, many of them actually enjoy the strange aftertaste that artificial sweeteners bring to the table.

Having never experienced the original, they’ve developed a preference for the not so “Real Thing.”


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