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Those Who Won’t…

Whoever came up with the phrase, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach” was clearly on to something.

In the affirmative sense the phrase indicates that as we get older, we lose the strength needed to accomplish, so we move into the realm of teaching, encouraging the younger and more able-bodied to use their strength to accomplish.

In the pejorative, or “insultive”, sense the adage also aptly defines certain able bodied people who have no interest in “doing”- because they prefer talking.

As a known talker, with a great propensity for inactivity, I’d like to propose adding a third “Those Who” to the mix.

If you were paying attention to an internet device yesterday you probably saw, or read, about a viral video produced by the non-profit advocacy group “Invisible Children”.

The video was intended to launch a campaign to instigate global awareness about an African dictator, who abuses children, and appeal for his removal through foreign intervention.

Yesterday they got a lot of views.

A lot of people heard their message.

Now people are responding.

Today, people know about the civil war in Uganda and the tragedy of child soldiers and sexual abuse that has taken place there. They also know the names of Joseph Kony and his LRA.

Today we also get the opportunity to watch the backlash against the non profit behind the awareness campaign.


Celebrity Sighting

Growing up in Southern California my family’s airport of choice was Los Angeles International.  There is very little that is good about LAX.  It’s too old to be nice or clean and too new to be considered classic or unique.  The only thing LAX has going for it is celebrity-sighting.

When they travel internationally, and they certainly do, most Hollywood celebrities fly in and out of LAX.  This means that if you keep a sharp eye out for tiny people with big heads wearing sunglasses indoors, you’re likely to spot at least one mid-grade actor near a Starbucks. Even if it is just Gilbert Gottfried.

Because of this I don’t usually get tongue-tied or starstruck when I run into someone like Danny Glover at the Smarte Carte return.  I just smile and keep moving.

The closest I’ve ever come to making a fool out of myself was the time I saw Diane Lane buying a copy of USA Today.  I was 22 and I had just turned around from the register after purchasing some mints. We were face to face.

Hers, a face that’s launched a thousand ships, mine a ship of fools.

I said, “Pardon me”, nodded my head, and sidestepped her.  As I walked to my gate I congratulated myself on not saying or doing something embarrassing or untoward.  I realized then that I do pretty well when I’m around people whom others lose their minds over.

I was once nearly trampled by a throng of Michael Jackson fans just outside the Log Jammer at Knott’s Berry Farm.  I kept my cool while he walked right by.

One of my good friends told Jennifer Love Hewitt that “he loved her” when we bumped into her at Disneyland.  Her response, “I know…”.  I just kept walking.

I thought that this was because I was somehow “immune” to celebrity.  Like maybe I had seen enough of it and now I was so mature that it didn’t affect me.

That was until I made a complete nincompoop out of myself in front of someone I really admire. (more…)

Light The Streets

As the Aids crisis spotlight gives way to the health care crisis limelight, I suspect that we’re only a few years away from African advocacy being out of vogue among American churches. This is why you should check out the ministry of Africa New Life.  They were interested in Africans as humans before it was hip, and they’re in it for the long haul.

More than just child sponsorship that features nutrition and education, Africa New Life Ministries is dedicated to building sustainable human infrastructure by educating and training women to join Rwanda’s aspirations of a continent leading quality of life.  Focused around the person Jesus Christ and the complete redemption of the human condition, Africa New Life Ministries also works with street children, moving them from city slums to facilities focused on introducing them to the life that Christ intended for them.

If you aren’t aware of Africa New Life and how they’re Kingdom building to turn “Not Yet” into “Already”, you should check out the video below. You won’t cry because you’re sad, you’ll cry because of how beautiful Faith, Hope, and Love are.

Click here to check out