Murmurings and disputing.

Over the years I’ve found that “The World” and “Our Society” are easy targets for Christians who desire to create a false sense of unity by appealing to our innate sense of self-righteousness.

Our need to point out what is wrong with culture and condemn others betrays a belief that we don’t create culture, we are persecuted by it for our alleged righteousness.

This comes at the heavy cost of refusing to acknowledge the role we play in creating culture every time we tune in, purchase a product, or click on a link.

Because of this I try my best not to critique culture but to point out what our culture reveals about the human heart, and it’s need for the healing and wholeness found in Jesus Christ.

Because the only thing I can do about “culture” is to try to create better options for the broken hearted… Like Jesus did.

That said, a friend pointed me towards this and I don’t think I could’ve expressed my frustration more appropriately.

MTV’s next reality show promises to document newly minted adults as they set out to lose their virginity.

After you read it, I’d encourage you to consider not railing about how things were better“back in the day” (because the ancient world was significantly more perverse that modern America) or “where our society is headed next” (because the show about teen moms is already on MTV) since neither of those laments has ever changed anything.

I’d encourage you to simply ask God what you could personally do to reach out to a young person who is so lost that finding meaning and purpose in the degradation of sexual celebrity seems like a good next step in their human development.

And then go out and try it.

Until we accept that making pronouncements and generalizations about society keeps us from making personal interactions with humanity, we will fail to be anything but culture warriors, fighting against people instead of for them.

Pointing out that the house you live in is on fire doesn’t do much good unless you’re also offering your family the way out.

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