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Paying For Attention

What if your wildest dream came true and it was a heartbreaking experience?

We tend to believe that the fulfillment of our fantasies will be satisfying, but I think that’s because so few of us ever realize our most imaginative goals.  This isn’t to say that we haven’t actually had wishes come true, in fact if you think about it, “wishes coming true” is a pretty accurate description of Christmas for most children.  Parents are generally able to accommodate “Dear Santa” requests because kids tend to dream small and talk big.  Fulfilling a Christmas wish list is easy because kids don’t usually ask for something huge like a record deal and a music video.

It used to take a ruthless corporate machine to foist something like Rebecca Black’s absolutely ridiculous “Friday” on the general public.  An industry was responsible for creating the Godzilla grade monsters we call Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown, but the digital revolution has eased the major media companies’ stranglehold on the celebrity spotlight.  With the advent of reasonably priced, professional grade, digital media processing the formerly ludicrous claims of Andy Warhol became eerily prophetic.  15 minutes of fame is now eminently accessible to the “average” American.

An “average” American became a worldwide sensation last week because her mother had the resources to finance her fantasy.  While it only took $2000 to both fulfill Rebecca Black’s dreams and crush her heart, the sad part isn’t that she got torn apart by the rabid beast of suburban consumption.  What’s sad is that she dreamed too small and sang too big.


Born This Way

I was born in 1973, which means that my earliest memories consist of rolling backwards as the shopping cart slips through an Albertsons produce section… to a soundtrack of ABBA songs.  This combination of disequilibrium, miniature spray hoses, and disco is probably the reason I find Lady Gaga so compelling.

The essence of Lady Gaga is a blending of the Arts, Letters, AND Sciences in a way that not even Dr. Emmett Brown could have created had he loaded Adam Lambert into his DeLorean and sent him back to the year “Studio 54.”

It’s A Kind Of Magic, and it’s a lot of fun.

On February 11th she released the single “Born This Way”, a club pumped romper that feels like the love child of ‘02 Xtina and ‘89 Madonna.   For weeks we are going to be asking whether it’s more fun to dance to this song or watch people dance to this song.   “Born This Way” the album is scheduled for release on May 23, 2011.

This means that any leader who loves Music and Jesus has roughly 3 months to prep themselves for the inevitable avalanche of questions that have already begun rolling down the mountain, because Lady Gaga is an incredible artist and an amateur theologian:

“It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M, Just put your paws up, ‘Cause you were born this way, baby… ‘Cause God makes no mistakes… Don’t be a drag, just be a queen… A different lover is not a sin, Believe capital H-I-M.”


Synchronicity Too

Had you taken the S.A.T. during the 1982-83 school year, you’d have only had two options available as answers to this question:

“Who is the worlds greatest rock band?”
A.)  Van Halen
B.)  The Police

If your No.2 pencil darkened the letter “A” on your scan-tron, both you and Jeff Spicoli would have been correct.  If you chose the letter “B”, Cameron Crowe might have paid your way through Stanford.

Literate, tasteful, and artistic, The Police were a thinking man’s pleasure, and in the early 80’s college students, college professors, and college janitors all agreed that they were creating the world as we would soon know it.   The Police made their name as a punk inspired trio that trafficked in jazz-tinged, white reggae the way Lando Calrissian traded favors with Darth Vader.

This was until Bassist/Vocalist/Narcissist Sting became a household name. Sting spoke like a philosopher, sang like an angel, looked like a model, and made barefoot awesome again.  His success as a pop icon initiated a musical tragedy of operatic proportion.


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