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Approved Workmen

Sometimes you hear something so often that you begin to believe it… whether or not it’s true.

While that sounds like a great opening line for disagreeing with the artistic supremacy of Vampire Weekend or the commercial appeal of Steve Buscemi, those targets are just too easy. I’m taking on the 1960’s.

When you think Peace and Love you don’t just think of the 1960’s, you actually see Volkswagen vans and love beads in your metaphysical mind’s eye don’t you. I think that’s all garbage. In my opinion, the ’60’s get the credit for bringing the world together when all it really did was the come up with idea. ┬áDon’t get me wrong, the ’60’s wanted to buy the world a Coke, but it didn’t exactly get up off it’s afghan blanket and reach for it’s wallet.

The 1970’s bought the world a Coke.

It’s probably Time/Life magazine’s fault, but we’ve fallen under the spell of the decade that came up with the idea as we laugh at the decade that did all of the work.

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