Six Receipts

Lohan Mug shots



For good or for ill, a photograph captures an image of us at a specific moment in time, and holds us there. To revisit that moment, and much of the memory that accompanied it, we only have to look back at that photo and let our feelings bubble to the surface.

Some people get photographed more than others; My parent’s first grandchild was so accustomed to being photographed that all my mother had to do to make the 9 month-old mug and pose was to move her hands towards her face and say the baby’s name.

As we get older we develop a retinue of poses that we think we look good in and then begin to automatically “assume the position” whenever cameras are whipped out.  A simple perusing of your Facebook photos will alert you as to whether or not you know that crouching down, raising your chin, and tilting your head slightly will produce a more flattering image of your face.

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Playing With Fire

Lion 2

By now you’ve probably seen the news coverage about the young woman who was killed by a lion that she was caring for.  While it’s true that going into a lion enclosure is dangerous and inadvisable, I have no interest in taking her to task for going into a lion cage.

I believe that the death of anyone is a tragedy regardless of whether or not we might think that they “should’ve known better”.

This isn’t the first time that interaction with a caged animal has resulted in the death of a caretaker.  Whales, cats, and reptiles of all kinds have recently been in the news for behaving like… well predators.

What stands out to me in this recent story is the almost
unanimous description of the deceased as “fearless”.

This was a young lady who understood the risks involved with entering the lion enclosure.  She also understood the rules about whether or not she was allowed to do it.  She knew what she was doing when she walked into the den of Cous Cous the Lion, and then she went and did it.

What happened to her is exactly what the rules and regulations
were trying to prevent.

By nature, the Lion is built to kill and dismantle.  Giving him a name like Cous Cous didn’t do anything to soften him or change his character.

I’m not going to use this post to ridicule the young woman for entering the cage because it would be a cheap and easy way to poke fun at someone for doing something that we all do on a much greater scale every day.

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The People of the International Terminal


I’m of the opinion that traveling to different countries and interacting with people of different cultures can help you to understand the whole of humanity.  I’ve enjoyed many travels across our globe, and in doing so have attempted to understand the people who I’ve come into contact with.

That said, there are some versions of humanity that it seems nearly impossible to comprehend.  Of course I’m talking about the people who you meet in the international terminal of the airport.

The people of the international terminal are a people apart.  I suspect that this is because we are forced to study them removed from the context of their homeland.

Whether their flight has been cancelled, or they’re merely suffering from the misguided idea that a 12 hour layover is worth saving $150, they are a people group desperately seeking a place to lie down in a land where every cushioned bench features multiple armrests, every floor is tiled with frozen linoleum, and every outlet already has a phone charger plugged into it.

It is among these conditions that the people of the international terminal are forced to wander the halls of an airport filled with tax-free, yet still overpriced goods.

In the hours I’ve spent among them, I’ve determined that there are at least 8 types of people who you will encounter while looking for a shop that sells a toothbrush for less than $14.

These are the people of the international terminal:

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