Too Sexy For This Job


As the story is told, Dental Assistant Melissa Nelson had sex appeal in spades and her employer found it irresistible.

So he fired her.

America is now wondering whether or not this was fair, right, or legal.  We make the case for our opinion in this matter by making appeals to what we should have the right to do as men or women.

Does a man have the right to fire a woman in an effort to save his marriage?  Does a woman have the right to be beautiful and employed in the dental industry?

Before making brash statements about a situation like this it helps to do a little self check about what we believe about ourselves and other people.

  1. Do I think that most women have a pretty good idea of how attractive they are?
  2. Do I think that most women dress to “accentuate their positives and downplay their negatives”?
  3. Do I think that most women enjoy being admired for, and complemented on, their appearances?

It’s not only probable that a reasonable person would answer yes to these questions, but that as a society we would also believe that these are perfectly normal and acceptable behaviors for either gender.

The second battery of questions is where things get a little trickier.

  1. Do I believe that some people will be considered desirable regardless of what they wear?
  2. Do I believe that a woman usually knows when a man is interested in her sexually?
  3. Do I believe that a man will entertain as much mental fantasy as he can while still hoping to preserve his physical reality?

It’s not only possible that a reasonable person would answer yes to these questions, but that as a society we also tend to feign ignorance whenever the subtle nature of human flirtation and attraction gets us into trouble.

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Christmas Connundrums

Picture 1

There are two people in my immediate family.

Only the dog and I enjoy a cold glass of egg nog.

My wife buys it because she loves me, but it does present us with a unique problem.

There’s no way that one person can, or should, finish a whole carton of the nog within the week of its expiration date.

I just had a glass of egg nog from a carton that was 5 days past the expiration date. In doing so I realized that there is almost no way to determine if egg nog has gone bad by sniffing because it smells funky even when it’s good.

This brought to mind several other Christmas conundrums that I feel the need to address:

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Deeper Issues

assault rifle

“If I was in charge, things would be different.”

A common statement made by the young quite often begins like this, “When I’m grown up I’ll…” ,  how the statement ends always depends on the kid, but it always starts the same.  After leaving our home most of us spend a significant amount of time doing things differently than our parents would have.  We do this for many reasons, not the least of which is identity formation;  we must determine who we will be when no one has parental authority over us.

If this were the only reason for rejecting our parents authority we’d have plenty to be concerned about; children left to their own devices don’t make the wisest decisions.  On top of this developmental aspect we’re also confronted with the issue of human rebelliousness.

While we prefer options and choices, much of life demonstrates that our success and safety is achieved through submission and assimilation into larger society. A broad personal acceptance is only found through broad personal submission.  The problem is that none of us like to be told what to do.

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