Ben wins & we all Win

How does a team that America loves become a team it hates? It wins.

We’re supposed to believe that it’s because the team is filled with “Bad Guys” and “Dirty Play”, but the backlash actually starts when people get sick of someone else’s success.

There are no longer “Household Name” jerks or “Public Offenders” in Oakland, New England or Dallas, but they are loathed for periods of enduring success in combination with prior miscreants.

By contrast, we love it when the “nice guy” or “Little Engine” gets it done, it becomes the “feel good story of the year”… Indianapolis or New Orleans anyone? Wouldn’t it be great if Aaron Rodgers could help Green Bay get over their terrible breakup with Brett Favre?
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Return of the Weird Stuff

Green Stuff

This probably should have been called “Green Stuff”?  How about, “Purple Stuff, now available in green!”?

ABC Store
Lahaina, Maui


I did a “walk by” on this booth (you just don’t casually photograph a man offering an assault rifle as a voter registration initiative) not because guns were being advertised, but because the republican representative on the right was wearing a union t-shirt.  I’m still looking for pieces of my mind…

Commercial Exhibit Booth
Oregon State Fair, Salem, Or.


Score one for the Bat-Fans…

Costco Parking Lot
Wilsonville, Or.

Outleading Our Inevitable Failure

I’ve had a terrible experience at Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater.

Having no children of my own, I’ve spent very little time inside of one of Mr. Cheese’s establishments.  I do however have several nieces and nephews who happen to fit squarely into Chuck E’s target demographic.  Because adult birthday parties usually define the word terrible for children, my 32nd birthday was spent in what can best be described as a skeeball and pizza induced stupor. That was the fun part.

The terrible part happened about an hour before closing.
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