Rage Against Machines

We created the machines because we were tired of working so hard.

The Goal: machines do work for us.
The Benefit: more leisure, increased productivity/efficiency.

It probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but it’s lead to some unforeseen consequences.  The first seems to be what I call “robot paranoia”.

Whenever I watch a futuristic sci-fi movie there seems to be a common theme about machines taking over and wiping out humanity.  I think that this is really a terrible concept, not because it’s far fetched, but because it’s too late.

The robots are already in charge.
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Hopelessly LOST

Hopelessly LOST

Since we were old enough to operate one, T.V. has been more than just entertainment to the children of the 1970’s. For us television isn’t accidental, it’s intentional. People are in charge of the programming, and those people are broadcasting the fabric and fibre of humanity to anyone who will watch. For over 30 years television has been the messenger through which we’ve received, processed, and evaluated man’s most enduring questions and haunting desires.  The flickering screen reveals our achievements and our disappointments.

Living with disappointment is a learned skill, developed over time the same way knife throwing or torturing is. It doesn’t come to us naturally like say, the ability to hear dead voices or predicting rainstorms. If you’ve been alive for any period of time, you’ve learned to live with disappointment. This ability is beneficial because it gives you resilience but it is also detrimental in that once you develop it, it never leaves you.

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