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Outleading Our Inevitable Failure

I’ve had a terrible experience at Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater.

Having no children of my own, I’ve spent very little time inside of one of Mr. Cheese’s establishments.  I do however have several nieces and nephews who happen to fit squarely into Chuck E’s target demographic.  Because adult birthday parties usually define the word terrible for children, my 32nd birthday was spent in what can best be described as a skeeball and pizza induced stupor. That was the fun part.

The terrible part happened about an hour before closing.

What do YOU hate about the right hand column?

Attention Mark Zuckerberg, I hate the Facebook right hand column.

I don’t hate it because it’s all advertisements, on the contrary, advertisements are fascinating to me.  I don’t hate it because it’s expanding like a Gremlin in a microwave, crowding out such beloved Facebook chatskis as “Pieces of Flair” or “Mafia Wars”.  I hate it because it may be the least intelligent marketing currently at work in this solar system… and this is a planet that still employs telemarketers.

Sometimes the ads are spelled terribly or make no sense whatsoever. I’m pretty sure that these ads are being copy-written by someone who employs English as a fourth or fifth language. I submit to you the exquisitely crafted “Best Products All” that appeared on my page yesterday:

This is the “worstest” attempt at legibility that I have “even seen all” since Miss Teen South Carolina helped us locate “the Iraq.”

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