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What Marriage Really Means

Every so often you come across something so powerful and poignant that it challenges you to re-think more than just your beliefs, but also your actions.

Yesterday I was pointed to a video about a couple who chose to get married, even after the man suffered a debilitating brain injury.

In it, a woman married a man who would be severely impaired in his ability to:





She did so after taking a significant amount of time to gain an accurate picture of what such a marriage would cost her.  In the face of this she did not just choose to “love” but to commit.

That commitment wasn’t made to her ” best available option”.

It wasn’t made to a man that she stood to gain from.

It was made to a man whom she was led to, by God.


The Real Breadwinner Is?


Oprah and Steadman, Tom Brady and Giselle, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. Quick, what do these three celebrity couples have in common besides fame?

At first glance it might seem hard to pick out what couples from different age brackets, nationalities, and vocational fields share in commonality.

The answer: In all three cases, the woman SIGNIFICANTLY out-earns her male counterpart.

And it’s not like Tom Brady isn’t working.

Long regarded as an indicator of healthy marriages, male breadwinning has historically been the sign of a principled man, motivated to provide a high quality of life for his family.

But times they are a-changing Bob Dylan, and not just in the world of celebrity.


Having the Salt

The young Iraqi pictured here is dead.  I don’t know his name.  I don’t know how old he was.   I don’t know about his family, and  I don’t know about his politics or his relationships.

What I do know is how and why he died.

He’s dead because he was murdered by men who believed that he was gay.  In the past 3 weeks at least 14 young men suspected of being homosexual have been beaten to death with stones and bricks.

There have been more than 200 similar murders reported since 2006.


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