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Headed for Trouble

In the 15 years that I spent counseling families as a youth pastor I ran into a lot of commonly repeated parental statements.  By year three I could actually look at a parent and tell you what they were going to say to me before we sat down together.  By year 5 I had compiled a list of sentences that I had heard so often that I never wanted to hear them again.

“Sure, he can build a house in Mexico but can he clean up his own room?”

“Isn’t there something that can be done about these cliques?”

“He’s got no idea when homework’s due, but he knows when Halo II comes out!”

“She’s dating a guy just like her father/my ex-husband!” 

While those 15 years of parental frustration had a level of homogeny that would make Louis Pasteur rabid with envy, the most strikingly similar complaint came from mothers of middle school-aged boys.  I heard it early and often, and it sounded something like:

“I swear he doesn’t think before he does anything… He just does things on impulse, and is shocked by the results.”

After a while I was stunned to realize that mothers of boys didn’t understand that human males are born with very little impulse control, not that the fact isn’t on display early in life:


Under Attack

Sometimes we say things that we regret, like the time that I said, “I’ll take two tickets to see ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ please.” Other times we regret HOW we said something, like telling my friends how I felt about “Eat, Pray, Love” by making a throwing up sound in the back of my throat.

It’s a less than shocking revelation that conservative politician Rick Santorum is under attack for saying something spiritually related in regards to America. Like most politicians, Santorum has nearly 10 years of comments that can be mined to reveal material that could be offensive to someone.

I’m a Christian pastor and he’s said things that have offended me, so I can’t imagine how I would feel about him if I were not white, straight, and employed.


“Vowing” to Start Over

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Scientifically speaking, the human brain has right and left hemispheres.  Speaking generally, the left controls logic and reason while the right deals in emotion and words.  Socially, we equate these hemispheres with gender stereotypes; often seeing women as right-brained and men as left-brained.

I am of two brains about “The Vow”.

The male half of my brain despised watching a movie about a sinuously muscular, passionate, patient, music studio owner walking around mostly naked, feeding and nuzzling cats, while fighting for the love of an indifferent woman.


The female portion of my brain enjoyed watching a movie where people had to start their life over from scratch to determine what portions of it were honest and real, or merely affectation and reaction.


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