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We Need A Big Bird And A Kermit

One of my favorite things about a Muppet Movie is that they make absolutely no attempt to address the issue of why people and puppets are co-existing in a world where no one questions the presence of a puppet.

Often a Muppet Movie will just jump right into scenes where someone could be walking an actual dog, while also talking to a dog puppet, who may or may not have the ability to sing and play the piano.

Also not explained are puppets who, unlike Kermit or Piggy, are humanoid, but obviously not human… like Dr. Teeth.

You can imagine my surprise when, as a child, I was informed that the Muppets and Sesame Street were made by the same people.

This was startling because on Sesame Street the “actors” consistently talked to the puppets like they were… well puppets. They also went out of their way to make, then reinforce, their points in conversation with puppet characters who seemed highly uneducated and much less sophisticated than their Muppet counterparts.

As a kid I couldn’t stand Sesame Street.  Even at a young age I was able to recognize that not only were they talking down to me, but that they assumed that I also was very stupid and unsophisticated.

The whole thing seemed like an exercise in educating me about things I had very little interest in… like counting and the letter B.

You might be thinking that the difference between these two shows is that one is geared for children and the other is geared for families but the difference is actually greater than that.  As an adult I’ve recognized that I didn’t like Sesame Street because I didn’t like the message that it was sending me:

“You are a child, and you have a lot to learn before you grow up.”


The High Cost of Self Love.

I don’t get upset at non-Christians for acting like non-Christians.  Why would they act any differently?  They aren’t Christians.

Getting upset at a non-Christian for living a life afflicted by sin is like getting angry with a teen-ager for not being able to perform brain surgery.  Even if a non-Christian wanted to live a “moral-life” based on “Christian principles” it wouldn’t be possible for them to do it consistently without the power of God’s Holy Spirit in their lives.

That said,

I was checking my Fantasy Football score on Sunday when I noticed that the top Yahoo Video was a four minute blurb from relationship blogger Niecy Nash on the right time for a lady to “become intimate” with a man. (click the above pic to watch)

Of course I was interested in hearing someone with a different perspective give advice to her girlfriends about how to address the age old problem of when they should “Give up the good stuff”, and when they should wait.

…Because I’m in the business of offering people a different solution to these kinds of “problems”.

After being understandably dismissive about “waitin’ ’till you’re married” (the woman suggesting that option admitted to not waiting herself) Niecy got the girls to open up about the difference between “casual hook-ups” and long term relationships.  Apparently, the main difference was how willing you are to shorten a relationship by being casual about the sex.

While this type of thinking is to be expected from the microwave/self -centered culture we’ve created for ourselves, it didn’t bother me in the way that something else did.


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