Showing Up Big

So today I saw a pretty remarkable video that’s been floating out there on the inter-webs. You’ve probably seen it, I’ll put a link at the end.

What starts out as a very boring home video from somebody’s African safari quickly becomes more fascinating than an animal planet movie featuring the those wily Kratt brothers.

It’s so amazing, that I’m telling you about it right now.

In the video, a baby water buffalo is kidnapped from his mother by a pride (that’s a professional term for herd) of lions.

They chase it and it falls into the river.

While the lions are trying to pull the baby water buffalo out of the river, a crocodile (I’m not making this up) swims up and grabs the water buffalo’s tail with its jaws.

This means that a tug of war for the baby water buffalo breaks out between the crocodile and lions.

Just when it looks really bad for that baby water buffalo (what with all the teeth and claws), guess what happens? A whole herd (that’s a water buffalo term for pride) of mama and poppa water buffaloes rolls up on the scene!

The herd charges in and starts thumping on the lions left and right (I’m really not making this up) until all of the lions run away, and the baby water buffalo is rescued alive.

Now I know what you are thinking; “This is probably going to become a lesson about how we shouldn’t leave our precious ‘baby water buffaloes’ laying around to be menaced by ferocious savannah predators.”


Always take care of friends when bad things happen.”

Except I know that you probably already know all about that.

I want to make a different observation:

When you experience something special, you can’t wait to talk about it. I saw this video and the first thing I thought was, “I need to show this to my wife”.

Then I sat down and wrote this wildlife photography expose.

Could it be that the reason we don’t talk about our relationship with Christ to others is because our spiritual experiences are possibly a little less than “special”?

Maybe they aren’t very exciting in most cases and often not happening at all?

If you can relate to what I’m writing (and you know you can) then what can you do about it?

I’d suggest thinking about the man who recorded the safari video.

He couldn’t have known what was about to happen when he hit record on his camera. Trust me, not even Spielberg could have created the “Safari Smackdown” and had us believe it when we left the theater.

The photographer just showed up and applied what he had to the situation.

He could have thought, “Look at all of the animals walking around, that doesn’t look interesting, I’m not wasting my time filming that.” He didn’t though, he started filming and in the middle of the shooting the action just arrived.

He put himself in a position to capture something amazing by just showing up in a place that something amazing just might happen.

Most of the time our spiritual lives are about as exciting as white bread because we don’t “show up” in places that spiritual action happens.

You’re probably thinking that this is the part where I say you need to go to church…

But you probably already know that too.

I’m talking about the less than obvious places that you can “show up” in addition to services.

Places like; in front of our Bibles, or coffee with spiritually minded friends. How about joining a small group, or serving in a community outreach?

We usually don’t do these things because they don’t sound fun or exciting at first, but get this:

If we “show up” and “start recording”, God promises to supply “the action”.

I think you are getting my point (you know what I’m talking about). When we show up and count on God to do something, he always does.

When it comes to sharing Christ with others, some of us only seem to start talking when we feel the need to and others don’t start until they are told to…


what’s interesting to me is that most people only start listening when someone has something interesting to talk about.

“Show up” in the places that God moves and “start recording”. When God moves and you experience it, you’ll not only have new experiences, you’ll have experiences worth sharing.

2 Responses to “Showing Up Big”

  1. Aaron November 16, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

    Crrraaaaaaaaazzzzy video. That was so crazy that when I started to fill out my name for this comment, I started to write “craaaaz…”

  2. Jon November 16, 2011 at 3:30 pm #

    When that lion gets flipped.., craazzyy.

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