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Because Tiger Blood Is Hard To Resist.


There’s a falseness lurking beneath the surface of America’s new war with Charlie Sheen.  While the man fits the police blotter description of a reprobate lothario, assailing him for his recent behavior is like suddenly getting angry about the rising cost of gasoline.  Charlie was struggling with substance abuse, prostitution, handguns, and sanity long before he changed his name to capitalize on his father’s success.

Years before Charlie Sheen became one of America’s hottest homeland defenders he was Carlos Estevez: Santa Monica High School drop out, and youngest son of Actor Martin Sheen. Carlos’ innability to attend classes may have kept him from graduating, but his predilection for all things forbidden wasn’t standing in the way of his success; it was standing in the way of his dignity.  When you are good looking and talented, people don’t look at you the same way they look at other people; they look at you and they see dollar signs.

For the past 25 years, the entertainment industry has been more than happy to let the man with the blood of a tiger and the DNA of an Adonis self destruct as long as he didn’t get all Robert Downey Jr. on us, because as long as he showed up to work they made money off of him… our money.   To be fair, Charlie was also cashing in on himself like Jay Leno at a Doritos factory, blowing money as quickly as he made it.  Starring in bombs like “The Arrival” and “Terminal Velocity” became the way he kept himself off the streets and well stocked with vice.  This became a sad pattern until he stumbled into the opportunity of a lifetime: The chance to play a less dangerous version of himself on “America’s Favorite Comedy”. (more…)

Clear Def


If you’re being honest, you still don’t know what to make of Fox Television’s “Glee”. I’m not saying that you don’t like it; the ratings say you probably do. I’m not saying that you love it, although age typically indicates if you do. I’m saying that whether you like it or not, you probably don’t understand what it’s supposed to be.

I’m saying this because I’ve watched television all my life and I don’t know since the program fluctuates so wildly. Any one of it’s 36 episodes careens through the best and worst ground covered by High School Musical, Dangerous Liaisons, and Party Ben.

Centering on the students and staff of a high school glee club that seems to perform at an abnormally large number of professionally produced competitions, Glee makes you laugh as you sing, cry as you dance, and experience a broad palette of the emotional spectrum in just over 41 minutes.

Hopelessly LOST

Hopelessly LOST

Since we were old enough to operate one, T.V. has been more than just entertainment to the children of the 1970’s. For us television isn’t accidental, it’s intentional. People are in charge of the programming, and those people are broadcasting the fabric and fibre of humanity to anyone who will watch. For over 30 years television has been the messenger through which we’ve received, processed, and evaluated man’s most enduring questions and haunting desires.  The flickering screen reveals our achievements and our disappointments.

Living with disappointment is a learned skill, developed over time the same way knife throwing or torturing is. It doesn’t come to us naturally like say, the ability to hear dead voices or predicting rainstorms. If you’ve been alive for any period of time, you’ve learned to live with disappointment. This ability is beneficial because it gives you resilience but it is also detrimental in that once you develop it, it never leaves you.


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