The Right Hand Column Returns

To work, Advertising doesn’t have to be particularly good, it just has to be motivational.  To prove just how good a real ad agency is you only need to look at the self-created advertisements on Facebook.  I thought I’d highlight a few of my recent favorites.  Here are 10 of them, just for fun:


When was the last time you added up your regrets and “not buying outer space boots” made the list?  What makes these MAG shoes unique is that you CAN’T go back in time to buy them… unlike other inferior products that do allow you to.


I can ignore that this is perhaps the most blatant sellout product on the righthand column,but what I can’t ignore is that they claim to have blended music with the wine.  How do you do that exactly? and why didn’t they blend the moon in as well?

While he may actually make more than his dad, he clearly doesn’t make enough to buy some fashion sense. Not even a bright yellow Lamborghini can draw attention away from his Old Navy Carpenter Jeans.


If this isn’t the worlds worst drawing of Barack Obama, “America’s Secret Weapon” just might be an angry Morris Day.  I have to admit that I like the way they are making a case for Barack being “double chosen”.


I’m pretty sure there was never a moment when my grandpa, hunkered down in a bunker, looked at yours and said, “I bet someday people are gonna be looking for their ‘best WWII experience’.”


I think we should all take a moment to thank the folks at “Cancer Awareness” for helping get this important message out.  In just a few years we might be able to eradicate the notion that cancer doesn’t suck.


Evidently this man’s “area of influence” is Politicians … and Game Show hosts.


Maybe it’s just me, but this company’s logo seems to imply that they’ve been the ones doing the bed wetting.  60 years of it even.


Where exactly do you shop if you like elite tactical apparel and do look like a mall ninja?


I was just hoping that it wouldn’t take all summer though…



2 Responses to “The Right Hand Column Returns”

  1. Sharon O September 14, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

    You are so entertaining… just have to laugh.

  2. Hannah September 14, 2011 at 3:23 pm #

    And the sad part is these adds are tailored to what you search for.

    And at least you don’t repeatedly get LDS dating site. I am neither Mormon, nor desperate, so this really shouldn’t be something Facebook thinks I am interested in…

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